Rev. John Owusu Agyeman. Head pastor.

Research shows that Mary Magdalene accompanied Jesus in all his travels and ministry work but she was not a disciple of Jesus. She was not only a follower but a loyal follower of Jesus.  She was with him at the crucifixion when his disciples denied him in the hour of danger. Mary Magdalene was a witness to the crucifixion and resurrection (empty tomb) of Jesus. She was the first person Jesus revealed himself to after he resurrected and was the one he instructed to take the good news to the other disciples.

Mary Magdalene was first known and qualified by the demons she was possessed with. She was initially described as the woman with seven demons. Some people also described her as a prostitute even though there is no mention of this in the scriptures. A probable reason to this referral as prostitute is her origin from Magdala, a city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. This city was known in those days as a city of prostitutes. After she met with Jesus, her story changed. Jesus drove out all the seven demons in her and she believed in the ministry of Jesus and remained a loyal follower even after the crucifixion of Jesus. We can still see women like Mary Magdalene in our present day churches. They remain devoted and loyal to the church and the work of God. Your story will change after you genuinely meet Jesus and no adjectives will be needed to describe you anymore.

The meaning of Magdala in Hebrew is tower. Among the followers of Christ, Mary Magdalene stood tall. She may not have been able to quote scriptures and preach as Peter did but her loyalty to Jesus made her significant among all other followers of Jesus. When you are delivered from your problems become loyal to God. Mary Magdalene was loyal to Jesus even after his death. She got up early together with another Mary and Salome with spicy oil to go and anoint to preserve the body of Jesus at a time when his disciples were afraid and stayed within a locked apartment. This is how loyal she was. Let husbands and wives take a cue from the story of Mary Magdalene and remain faithful and loyal to each other even unto death. God bless you.