Rev Bob Andoh

The book of Daniel chapter 4 tells how a heathen king called Nebuchadnezzar learns a lesson about the Sovereignty of God. He was brought low from his walk in pride by God and at the end of the lesson he praised God and wanted all nations and all languages to know that God was a supreme God of miracles and wonders (Daniel 4:2-4 NKJV).

In another situation, an Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon and addressed him as a man of valour (Judges 56:11-23) but he asked the Angel how he can be a man of valour yet he was dominated by the Midianites. How can a man of valour be hiding himself from Midianites to thresh wheat? He questioned the Angel where the miracles their forefathers told them about God were. The truth is that, the Angel saw Gideon the way God made him to be and not what his circumstances had reduced him to become.

Apostle John began his epistle by saying they testify about what they heard in the beginning and what they saw with their eyes and also that which was revealed to them. Multitudes came to Jesus to hear and be healed. Until our preaching moves from the hearing to the seeing realm there is still a problem. The power of God must be demonstrated with signs and wonders as in ancient times because God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Only God knows what church members are going through while they sit and listen to sermons preached to them. Hannah was going year in year out to Shiloh to worship but saw no results until she decided not to play religion again. When she became seriously committed and poured out her desire to God it was only then that God visited her. When you come only to Church for the sake of attending Church you will not receive anything from God. If you set up your mind to come to Church to really meet God, then you will see the hand of God in your situation. You have to seek the face of God and put your problem across to Him then a change will occur. Hannah said to herself that year she wants to believe God for her miracle. The priest concluded that she was drunk but Hannah said she was grieved about her childlessness and was pouring that out to God. When people are having problems and are thinking about them, they do not listen to the well prepared sermons you preach to them. They pay attention when they see signs and miracles about what you preach. The miracle redefines their destinies. Tell God you need a miracle.

The bible miracles that Jesus did were simple and stylish. He did not involve himself with religious practices before performing them. He only spoke or touched and miracles occurred. To some he asked what they wanted him to do for them. Those who said “I want to be able to see” he made them see. It was only in the miracle of Lazarus that he prayed to God and said “Father, I know you always listen to me, please let Lazarus wake up. He did this religious act to please the people that were there. God is still the same today as He was yesterday. When a miracle is performed to the glaring of everyone, it encourages them that God is still the same today as He was in ancient of days.

The first miracle Jesus performed was to turn water into wine. There was a situation that was emerging at the ceremony. The ceremony was ending up in disgrace due to the lack of wine. Water was used to reverse the situation. Haggai’s child Ismael was dying in the desert and water was used as an agent to reverse it. At Mizpeh, Samuel offered a suckling lamb when Philistines wanted to attack Israel and poured water on the ground (1 Sam. 7) The suckling lamb speaks of something tender. After pouring water on the ground, the tables were turned and Israel won. If you pour water (which represents life) on the ground, you cannot collect it back. Only God of heaven can do the impossible to change the situation for you in this case.

Let signs and wonders be seen in our churches again.