Rev. John Owusu Agyeman. Head pastor.

Make yourself available for the spirit of God to enter you. Ezekiel was among the Israelites in captivity. He was a prophet and also a priest. The meaning of the name Ezekiel is the Strength of God. No matter where you find yourself, (even in captivity) God can use you to achieve His aim. God asked Ezekiel (son of man) to stand up on his feet and He spoke to him. As He spoke to him, His spirit entered into him and set him on his feet so that Ezekiel heard God speaking to him (Ezekiel 2:2). God wants to speak to you but you need to stand on your feet. In other words, you need to be strong and open up your heart for His spirit to enter you.

Be careful which type of spirit you open up your heart to. If you open up to a bad or evil spirit it will enter you and direct you. Open your heart only to the spirit of the Lord and the spirit will help you to see the vision and purpose for your life clearly. Words that are spoken to you are life and spirit (John 6:63). Associate yourself with good people. Whatever good thing they speak will enter and become part of your life. On the other hand if you are surrounded by evil people the evil they speak will also affect your life.  King Ahab allowed Jezebel to speak to him and her evil manipulative nature also caused Ahab to do evil by taking the vineyard of Naboth. This brought condemnation from God to Ahab’s lineage.

Isaiah said “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on the throne lofty and exalted” (Isaiah 6:1). Isaiah was a prophet alright but he was limited from operating fully because of King Uzziah. This means also that you may have talents but you are limited from operating at your full capacity because of someone around you. Until you disassociated yourself with such a person you will be hindered in attaining your full glory. Just make yourself available for God’s spirit to enter you and guide you.