Rev. John Owusu Agyeman. Head pastor.

In present times, church members are going through many challenges. Ailments that should not be a portion of children of God are day-to-day sufferings of church members. It seems God is no longer present in our churches anymore. It is time we resolve to challenge God in all areas of our lives in order to see the glory of God come back to our churches.

Prophetic things are usually not things of normal occurrence. They are simple things that challenge the level of our faith and bring blessings into our lives. Life will be tough without the presence of God. Elijah told the woman who had little food to make her last meal to cook for him first and later fill any pots she had with the little floor and oil she had. She was even to borrow pots from neighbours if she did not have enough. This might appear absurd. The poor woman had just enough to make a last meal but she obeyed the instructions of Elijah and this brought blessings and the end of her famine. Whenever you add value to the anointing of a man of God, the presence and glory of God will come into your life.

Elisha told Naaiman the army officer with leprosy to go and deep himself seven times into river Jordan to receive his healing. He did not add any value to what the prophet instructed him at first. He thought why the man of God would ask him to go and immerse himself in river Jordan while there were bigger rivers than river Jordan in his land to do so. The moment his servant convinced him to do what Elisha said and he did, he received his healing. God of those days is still the same God of today. All we need to do is to put more value to the things of the Lord for his glory to fall on us. Seek for the presence of the Lord in your life and you shall be blessed.

The Ark of God symbolised the presence of God among the people of Israel. When the Ark touched the river Jordan, the water divided into two and there was dry ground for the Israelites to walk through to the other side. Are you not tired of going through the same problems year in year out? Even three hundred and sixty-nine (369) years after the destruction of Shiloh, people still go there and get their break-through signifying the continuous presence of God there. Let Church members learn to value and put their faith in God for his glory to shine on us always.