Rev. John Owusu Agyeman. Head pastor.

The theme for this Church this year is the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former. How can you get greater glory? You need to separate yourself and live a life worthy to God.

Every group has rules that governs and guides it. Christianity is no exception and you need to separate yourself from non-Christian behaviours that do not bring glory to the name of the Lord. God has rules and expects Christians to obey them to be able to walk in His righteousness.  In Psalm 1, David talks of righteousness or ungodliness. The counsel of the ungodly does not refer to advice of fetish priests but to Christians whose advice to others do not edify God.  Anyone that does not follow the counsel of the ungodly or follow the way of sinners or mock others is said to be blessed. What makes the person to be blessed is that he takes delight in following the law of the Lord and meditates day and night in it. If you want to be blessed, just follow the word of God. As you meditate in it day and night, you will get answers to your requests. Occupy yourself with the word of God to become strong in the spirit. Those who follow the word of God are likened to a tree that is planted by rivers of water. Such a tree brings forth its fruit in season and its leaves never wither. Whatever people who fear the lord do prospers.  We need to take note that prosperity does not only refer to those who have lots of wealth. To have good health all year round or be delivered from a situation that caused pain to others is also prosperity. Whatever you do shall prosper but remember this will happen if you separate yourself and walk in the way of the Lord. Prosperity is in totality the glory of God in your life. Do not walk in the company of people that will pollute your mind in things of the Lord. Let there be a difference between you and non-Christians. If you fear God, you will fear to indulge in sin.

According to Hebrew 13: 7 and 17, your pastor is the bishop of your soul. The pastor has the responsibility to see that his followers walk upright. May the lord be your Shepherd to guide you in the things of the Lord?

In Genesis 6:9 God regretted that he created man because of the sins they committed and decided to destroy man as well as the animals and trees. Note how the sin of man affected the animals and other living things. Fortunately, God found Noah to be a just man in his generation and decided to spare him and his family as well as pairs of every living thing He created. The name Noah in Hebrew means Rest. Noah walked with God and was blessed. Do your best to walk with God despite all challenges because God is your healer. Learn how to walk with God and he will make your way perfect.