What is Christianity?

The name Christianity comes from people that believe and follow Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ has had an unmeasurable impact on today’s society. Not only did we start counting from the year Jesus was born, Christianity is the largest religion on earth.
On this page we will explain why what Christians believe and why we believe it is so important to follow Jesus.

Everyone is evil

Each of us has a conscience and we all know the difference between right and wrong. And even though we know we should live well, we often do things that are bad. From big things like murder to the little things like stealing a cookie or telling a white lie. We have all sinned against God. From this perspective, despite the good things we do, we are all bad.

God will destroy all evil

God is good and in Him there is no darkness at all. God is holy and He hates evil. And there will come a day when God is going to destroy all evil. This is called the day of judgment, when God will destroy all evil in hell and keep the good in heaven.
When we look at our position before God, we have a big problem, because regardless of all the good things we do, we are guilty because of the bad things we have done.
The judgment of God on us will determine where we will spend our eternity (life after death).

Jesus has come to help

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to get back into a good relationship with God! God loves us very much. Despite all the bad things we do, He loves us. He doesn’t want us to be lost in hell for the bad things we’ve done. He wants us to be with Him in heaven after we die. That is why He Himself came to earth in the form of Jesus to bear the punishment we deserve. Jesus died on the cross and went to hell to pay the price for our evil deeds so that we can be forgiven!
When we are forgiven of all the bad things we have done then we will have a new relationship with God and we will be with Him in this life as well as in the life to come.

You choose

God is love and does not force us, but He has given us our free will. Although Jesus died for everyone, the sacrifice does not automatically work for everyone. The sacrifice Jesus made works only when we accept it willingly. When we personally choose Jesus.
The Bible says that if we believe in our hearts that Jesus died for us and rose from the dead and we speak with our mouths, we will be saved. When we believe in Jesus and follow Him, we will be forgiven and become children of God!

To be forgiven we must:

  1. Choosing to stop doing the bad things we do.
  2. Believe in the sacrifice Jesus made for us.
  3. Get us baptized.
  4. Start living together with God.

I choose Jesus, now what?

To church

It is very important to find a church where you can share your faith with others. You can help others, but others can also help you in your walk with God. God loves when we are together as His children and share the faith.
At the church you can get more information and tips on how best to follow Jesus and they can help you baptize.

The Bible

The Bible is the Word of God. In it, God describes how He wants us to live and what His plan is for our lives. It is very important that we read the Bible personally and that we learn how God thinks so that we can live as He wants us to. In addition, God also speaks to us very personally through His Word. The Bible is indispensable for a child of God.
(Hint: start with the New Testament)


God is Geest en wij hebben een geestelijke relatie met Hem. Wij praten met God door gebed en in gebed spreekt God met ons. Net zoals het in elke relatie cruciaal is om veel met elkaar te praten is dat ook zo in onze relatie met God. Zoals je met een vriend of je vader spreekt, zo kun je ook met God praten.
Hoe meer tijd wij in gebed spenderen hoe beter onze relatie met God zal zijn!

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